Hello! I'm a third-year PhD student at Caltech working with Prof. Katie Bouman in the Computing & Mathematical Sciences Department. Previously, I graduated from Princeton University summa cum laude, with a major in Computer Science and minor in Statistics & Machine Learning. I study the extra-perceptual insights provided by commonplace data (audio, images, video). These insights may be scientific (e.g., inferring unseen material properties) or artistic (e.g., super-resolving audio to be perceptually pleasing).


Visual Vibration Tomography: Estimating Interior Material Properties from Monocular Video

Berthy T. Feng, Alexander C. Ogren, Chiara Daraio, Katherine L. Bouman

CVPR 2022 (Oral)

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Towards Unique and Informative Captioning of Images

Zeyu Wang, Berthy T. Feng, Karthik Narasimhan, Olga Russakovsky

ECCV 2020

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Learning Bandwidth Expansion Using Perceptually-Motivated Loss

Berthy T. Feng, Zeyu Jin, Jiaqi Su, Adam Finkelstein


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